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1930s 1930s bracelets 1930s hats 1930s shoes 1938 bangle bracelets fashion hats may 1938 vogue nail polish psychiatry shoes vintage fashion vintage vogue vogue vogue magazine

A fascinating 1938 Vogue magazine article psychoanalyzing fashion. (Magazine and photos from my own personal collection).     "Everything we put on our backs, it seems, is a dead give-away to the psychoanalysts. (Fortunately for our peace of mind, psychiatrists make up only a small percentage of the population). Anyhow, when we asked two noted psychiatrists to analyse current fashions- they explained everything. Our simplest vanities have ominous Significance. Here's the diagnosis- illustrated by Bernard Sanders, an expert on psychotic drawings. But there's one ray of light- these psychiatrists, after all, were only men.    ~High-soled shoes, as deglamorouized by...

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Happy Feet

1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s blue boudoir boudoir slippers daniel green daniel green slippers fashion fifi frou frou herbert levine pin-up rhinestones shoes slippers velvet vintage daniel green vintage fashion vintage slippers zoe mozert

Vintage boudoir slippers all day over on the Facebook page! Marabou, velvet, satin and silk….so pretty! Stop by!    Part of my person collection, mainly by Daniel Green, spanning 1920s to 1960s...     One of my favorites, 1920s deco wool and fur Daniel Green slippers from my collection...     Pin-up perfect Daniel Green slippers "Frou Frou", by Zoe Mozert….     More "Frou Frou"...     Daniel Green ad….     Daniel Green's "Fifi", from their own blog…my photo lower right...     Another personal favorite from my own collection, 1930s blue velvet w/ rhinestones by Daniel Green......

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