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not fade away

1950s 1959 buddy holly clear lake iowa crash site iowa memorial ritchie valens rock n' roll the big bopper the day the music died the surf ballroom vintage vintage photos winter dance party

(this is a re-post of a blog I wrote in 2009 when I took my daughter to visit the Surf Ballroom and the crash site where Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper died here in Northern Iowa).    The path I walked yesterday was of cracked and sunbaked Iowa soil. Worn by the feet of thousands of visitors from all over the world it cuts a ten foot wide swath between two soybean fields, marked on the right as you approach by an ancient barbed wire fence and on the left by a farmer's tiny orange flags. It...

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for the love of pyjamas

1930s 1930s beach pyjamas beach pyjamas fashion fashion history french novelty prints pants shopping vintage vintage clothing vintage fashion vintage photos

Who spends 3 hours starching and pressing Victorian through 1930s apparell and loves it? Me. I love the way something rumpled and creased is moved to crispness, the life breathed back into the garment. I love wondering about the last time the blouse or dress was treated with care and respect and believing that I've imparted a bit of my passion for each detail in a garment that will one day move on to a new life. I love the smell and the quiet and peace of it.   Today I hope to shoot all the pieces I starched, and...

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mr. fabulous

1930s 1940s 1950s cary grant ingrid bergman paper dolls silver screen vintage vintage fashion vintage paper dolls vintage paperdolls vintage photos

Missed Cary Grant's birthday yesterday, so here he is in all his suave glory. More images this evening over on the Facebook page!      Cary Grant paperdolls.     Cary Grant w/ Ingrid Bergman.    

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1920s 1940s 1950s circus edwardian female bikers roller derby smoking women vintage vintage bikers vintage circus vintage fashion vintage guns vintage photos vintage roller derby women with guns

It was Strong Lady Saturday yesterday over on the Facebook page! Strength and glamour!    1950s roller derby!     Neighborhood watch.     Biker babes and lipstick.       Circus strong woman.    

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the baroness

1940s 1950s actress classic film edith head eleanor parker fashion photo hair red hair silver screen the baroness the sound of music vintage vintage fashion vintage photos

Eleanor Parker, actress best known for her role as the Baroness in "The Sound of Music" passed away yesterday….we're honoring her with loads of beautiful photos over on the Facebook page.                 Edith Head sketch for Eleanor Parker in "Hole in the Head"  

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