The Letters- April 3, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- April 3, 1927 from Bob to Jean

"Dear Jean:

             I do hope you lived thru everything and that now it is all over you will give some attention to that apparently minor detail- your health. Don't go to any inconvenience I beg- only if you take some time to spare it might be profitable to give it some attention. 

             It has been so lonesome this weekend. I've had the blues terribly and can't seek to shake them. Yesterday I walked all afternoon in an attempt to lose them but came home worn out and bluer than ever. This town of cliff dwellers is so cold. One reason I love to put in long hours at the office is that they afford my only contact with people. The rest of the time I play solitaire or read. Real diversion! 

           Had a letter from home yesterday. They are looking forward to my vacation. I haven't told them I'm not coming home- but they will understand- and they plan to come to Manchester so I will get to see them anyway. 

           Think I shall see "It" tonight- or this P.M. I hate to go alone but if I see it I'll have to. Sunday has always meant date day- but not anymore. It is blue day here. 

          One thing you forgot to tell me- I told you you'd forget something- was about Mr. Ray. Hope you haven't forgotten what it was.

           Last Sunday we were together- and you were ill. I wonder how you are to-day. Better I hope- but I doubt it. 

           No, dear, it's not always going to be as it is now. At least I hope not. For someday we're going to be together- always. If it were not for that hope I don't think I could get through these long days away from you. 

           I do love you, sweetheart, with all my heart- you don't realize how much. That's why I worry so when you are not well- why I fret so when you refuse to do anything for yourself. The thing you joked about at Danceland must not become a grim reality- but somehow I can't get that fear out of my mind.  Please dear- but no- I've said it before. Suit yourself. 

                                       With my whole heart


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