The Letters- March 23 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- March 23 1927 from Bob to Jean

"Darling Jean:

              I quit at five tonight and I've had my evening malted milk and am home to spend the evening catching up on my correspondence, which has been sadly neglected. 

             Sixteen hours was all I put in yesterday. Miss K, the chief operator, told me she'd feel entitled to a day off. I told her I was saving mine up till U had a week coming so I could go on a real drunk- no one day sprees for me. 

           Ward certainly is clever. He's always the life of the party and the kids never tire of him. I hope they'll like the new cook. Mrs. L was awfully nice but a poor manager. 

            Tomorrow night I am going to see "The Student Prince", won't you come and go with me? 

             I think it's terrible the way you starve your sisters but I'll tell you right now- since you've put it off this long you'll have to wait till pay day for your five pounds!

             Why don't you tell me some of the things you're forever mentioning. You always forget when I get there. You've promised me a T.L., a joke about "Thinking", and now something about your Bible test. You'd better have them all on your mind Saturday. 

             Sent my various articles of dress clothes to the laundry and tailors in preparation for the big event. I'm telling you cause you'd probably never guess it after three hours on the I.C. in full regalia. I wrote Herschel and asked him to call for you. He'll probably tell you about it. 

            Only three more days, honey girl. The week has gone fast for me, I've been so busy.

             Sweetheart, I never come up the hill at night but what I wish I were coming home- to find you there. And I'd tell you all my office troubles and you'd tell me all yours- and we'd cheer each other up- and we'd have the coziest evenings at home- or go out on the happiest of larks. And we'd have arguments and get mad- and then be sorry and make up- and all the time we'd be gloriously happy because we had each other- and love. Oh, Jean, dearest, I've only to shut my eyes to see it all- its so beautiful- so wonderful- it hurts. But the most wonderful part of it is that some day it's all coming true. I can scarcely believe it, sometimes, dear, but my pin is gone and I am sure I didn't let anyone else have it. 

             Just think, you'll get one more letter- and then the real me. 

              Remember your promise to be careful dear. I worry about you every day. 

                                                           With all my love


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