It's my birthday! Born today in 1969…a year loaded with gorgeous fashion! See more over on the Facebook page!


Givenchy, 1969



Christian Dior, 1969



Courreges, 1969




Pierre Cardin, 1969



Pucci, 1969



L'Officiel Magazine, 1969



Veruschka, Vogue Magazine, 1969


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My number one remtmcendaoion of contemporary fiction to all my friends is, CROW LAKE, by Mary Lawson. It is a fast read that grabs you on page one. It was Lawson’s debut as a novelist – a truly beautiful and captivating story of a family that you will not be able to put down and will be compelled to insist that your friends read. ( I annoy people until they read it, and then they thank me!)Also, I agree that if you haven’t read Edith Wharton’s, THE AGE OF INNOCENCE, you must. Wharton may have been the precursor to bloggers on stlyle and decorating. She was an expert on decorating 9wrote the book), NY aristocracy and the plight of women at the turn of the century. You must also enjoy her, THE CUSTOM of the COUNTRY, and one of my favorites, THE HOUSE of MIRTH. Lily Bart is a character you will not forget! Then, when the leaves turn golden, and you are done reading those, take a lovely trip to her beautiful and newly renovated estate, THE MOUNT, in (or near) Lennox, MA. Bring Your camera, you will love to blog about it all! Lenox also has some really first rate restaurants too, so it’s a great day trip. After all of this settle down in the winter and watch Michelle Pfiffer in THE AGE OF INNOCENCE, beautiful! I’ll look forward to seeing your posts!How’s that for a plan?


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