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Pretty things sold over the years- but not forgotten!
1920s peach silk flapper dress with looped beaded fringe at hem
1920s black netting ruffled flapper dress with sequin design
1920s silk dress with panniers
1920s ivory silk velvet coat with fur
1920s pink velvet cloche
1920s silk chiffon dress
1930s silk embroidered peasant blouse
1930s velvet dress with grape pendant
Early 1900s Arts and Crafts wool coat
Edwardian Russian inspired coat
Edwardian sporting jacket
Edwardian nurse uniform
1930s polka dot sequined cocktail dress
Lilli Ann dalmation spotted coat, 1960s
1940s batwing collar Lilli Ann jacket
Lilli Ann 1940s jacket with velvet accents
Lilli Ann 1940s suit with fur
Lilli Ann 1940s suit with fur
1940s Lilli Ann suit
vintage lilli ann suit
1940s/early 1950s red Lilli Ann suit
Petal peplum 1940s Lilli Ann jacket
1950s Lilli Ann suit
Odette Barsa 1970s metallic silver lounging set with tinsel marabou
1920s surrealist spider web fez style velvet hat
Victorian Scarab Beetle bracelet
Curled feather topped 1920s hat
Curlique topped 1930s cap
1920s Assuit shawl
Early 1900s beaded Czech bag (copied by Anna Sui)
1940s hand embroidered wool cape
Black beaded 1920s silk dress
1930s cocoa dress with metallic gold dots
1930s red silk dancing shoes
1940s sequined dress
Nettie Rosenstein 1950s dress
Pink beaded 1960s column gown by Estelle
1960s beaded and fringed dress
1960s gold lamé and chiffon dress
Mollie Parnis 1950s silk dress
Kay Selig 1950s evening gown with beads and rhinestones
Donald Brooks 1960s dress
Helen Bond Carruthers sweaters