Help Save Dorothea's Closet's Brick and Mortar Boutique!

 I'm Angela, the owner of Dorothea's Closet Vintage boutique in Des Moines, IA (as well as the website). I've been selling vintage clothing for 13 years, and have had my local boutique since 2007. Owning my own shop and being able to preserve and recycle the lovely things people have saved for give them new opportunities to make memories with new owners...has meant the world to me. 

Through a series of slow winter months, a family illness and lay-off and a rent hike, I've gotten a little behind on rent (keeping power on through the winter and food on the table had to come first!). In close to 8 years I've paid rent on time every month, but fell on some tricky times recently. The company that manages the building is not interested in my history of paying in a timely manner, nor that I've been the only business in that space to last longer than a year or so  in decades and have given me 10 days to catch up or they will start proceedings to evict me. 

Because I also have utilities, house payment, health insurance, back to school clothes, taxes and other obligations coming up with the sum needed that quickly looks pretty daunting. I really don't want to lose my shop. 

So at the prompting of good friends, I'm setting this up. Any amount "donated" will get a voucher/gift card to my website or shop (so please give me contact info!). Whether you use it, gift it to someone else or do nothing with it is up to you, but I don't like taking money without providing something in return. I'm up against a wall or I wouldn't even ask. Any little bit will help, and I thank you SO much for even reading this! 


  Donate ANY amount here

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so sorry to hear, it happens and with so much greed in the world its special little places like this is a rear find…for all the ladies who still love to dress like this we cant find anything unless its revealing and all of you are exposed so sad this generation is all about nudity. so you need funds I have lots of vintage items do you accept items or u just need funds? with rental in a soaring spree we cant survive I only stay in a store for 3months …I was crushed ….

pat curtis

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