Can You Have Too Much Vintage?

Can you have too much vintage? For 15 years I've thought I certainly couldn't, but I've come to the conclusion that as far as what I offer online- maybe I can. And maybe I DO. The website has over 1,600 pieces currently for sale. I used to think more was better, that the more eras I covered, the more sizes, the more styles, the more looks- the more there was for people hunting. 

But for all of the hours and love invested in hunting, washing, mending, steaming, photographing, editing and listing each item it has occurred to me that with 1,600 pieces the site may feel overwhelming to look through...and really great things may not even be being seen (and quite honestly, it may also be why I ocassionally can't find something once it sells!)

So what does that mean? To start with, it means in the hours I have after and before work at my day job, I'm going to be doing some major clean-out. Deleting sold items. Creating a rock-bottom clearance collection to move some things out quick to be able to delete them. Perhaps some more lots for re-sellers. Re-arranging my storage to be better organized. 

Lastly, and the reason for tonight's quick newsletter. Because it is going to take some time to filter things out and streamline the site, for now I wanted to plant the seed for those of you who shop the site that if you have been thinking about anything, or anyTHINGS- please feel free to contact me to make an offer. Email is

I have some wonderful things coming in the meantime, as soon as I can get them photographed! Big changes and more vintage to come!
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