Coming Soon.....Marilyn's Room

Coming Soon.....Marilyn's Room

Coming VERY Soon!
I'm going to be collaborating with a vintage collector who has been acquiring vintage for her personal collection for over 30 years. She's a fascinating, creative woman who prefers to remain anonymous to the public (though you will get to learn more about her life and collection over time)...and man does she have some incredible things! She's decided that it's time to cull her collection to what fits into her walk in closet, so that means loads of pieces will be finding their way back out to the public eye again. Her weakness is 1940s-50s glamour girl stuff- over the top beaded, embroidered, fur trimmed, silks and satins, rhinestones, lamé, sequins, bold prints, pin-up swimwear, cashmere, gabardine westerns with leather details. Fitted silhouettes- very old Hollywood starlet. High end labels and designer pieces.

Our first capsule collection will be cashmere (and a few cocktail dresses)- there are Helen Bond Carruthers, Pringle of Scotland, Ballantyne, Hadley and more.


Enjoy a  sneak peek!


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