LOOK WHAT THE STORK BROUGHT! A Blog Revisited, November 10 2006

LOOK WHAT THE STORK BROUGHT! A Blog Revisited, November 10 2006

Ever so far from what you'd have thought. Stork as inTHE STORK CLUB (a little click there will get you to a cool website about legendary nightclubs). I've been working with the estate of a lovely gal named Eleanor, she of heavenly lingerie fame (see tomorrow's post for that!). A woman with wonderful taste, and well travelled as well. Within this estate I came across these.....

Three lipsticks, a parfum & a leather holder, all from the fabled Stork Club. Squealworthy! I'm oh so far from being a person who could have been to the Stork Club, both in age and proximity. Not in the cards, so I'll settle for these mementos.

One of my favorite films of all time is "The STORK CLUB", a fabulous musical starring Betty Hutton. The plot is charming, the music wonderful and the scenes where she & a friend sit & watch the models in a department store as she decides what dresses to get feature STUNNING vintage fashions! She & her coat check co-worker wear full length mink coats through the scene while nearly passing out from heat...

"But Judy, its August, and one of the hottest days of the year! You'll melt!" (Judy)"Yeah, but I'll look awful good doin' it!"

I adore the character actor Barry Fitzgerald in this picture as well. A charming film, a little screwball, a little romance, a little music and some killer dresses.

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