The Beginning- Letter One, July 15 & 17 1926 from Bob to Jean

The Beginning- Letter One, July 15 & 17 1926 from Bob to Jean

From Jean to Bob, mailed July 15 1926

"Dear Bob,

          This is the busiest place I know of besides Coe. I only have ten minutes to write this letter so please excuse me if you can't read it. 

          You will no doubt, be terribly surprised to know that I met your dear friend Leila D___, and I think she is quite nice. Don't you wish now that you had came?

           Did you have a grand time at the picnic- you and the big blonde?

           Daddy brought me down here, it is a very nice drive.

           Gee! but its hot here. I shall be glad when we can go for a swim. 

           Have you started your essay? If not why not??!!

           I really haven't anything exciting to tell you, but you write soon and tell me what you have been doing and the gossip so that I won't get homesick. Send my mail to ____________. Some address, isn't it Robert? My ten minutes are up so- Bye-bye. 


From Bob to Jean, mailed July 17 1926

 "Dear Jean:

                   I had not hoped to hear so soon. Was I pleased? Three guesses!

                   You said it would be easy to forget. I have tried- oh so hard- to put you completely out of my mind these few days you are gone- just to see if I could. But I can't. I see you every moment of the day- it seems I should be calling 6200 to talk to you. 

                    The big blonde!! If you but knew the half of it! She was at the picnic and picked out our friend Bob as the most desirable man for a twosome. She clung to me like the skin to a peach. Did I ditch her- I strove mightily and lost her for one moment in the crowd. I grabbed L_____ (wraps silver- with the odd eyes) and told her if she was a friend of mine to stay with me. So we sat and talked, with the blonde hovering in the offing ready to pounce if I so much as batted an eye. L____ is a good scout and got me out of it. She says she's going to tell you she kept me safe. I was so all fired mad- and maybe you think I haven't been making A___ step lively around the point. It's "get it yourself and be quick about it, you're in my way!", when she comes back for orders. The whole place is watching and with interest- and they're all with me. Wish you could be a mouse in the corner. 

                      So you have met the great D___. A mighty nice girl- almost too nice- if you get what I mean. One mother is quite enough. 

                      B___ wanted me to go to Manhattan last night with him and J____ in J____'s car. I told him you were away and I did not care to go & he offered to get me a date. Knowing his choice I refused- had to cut him off to get rid of him. I haven't quite forgotten the last time he suggest going. I can't quite understand him no does he understand me. 

                      We've been painting furniture during my space time lately. Wish you could see how nice it looks. Consequently I haven't done my writing yet but will have it done by the time you are here again. 

                     It does seem ages since I said "good-night" Tuesday. And next Thursday never will come I know. 

                     Have the best kind of a time but don't forget me nor what I have told you so often. And remember next Thursday and Friday are mine. 

                     Excuse the bulk of this letter. It's misleading. It takes an acre for me to scrawl a few words. Read this without your glasses. 

                     I miss you.

                                                                 Yours always, 


PS The blonde has been married and has 3 children!!



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Loving this!! However, am I the only one having trouble reading these in sequential order??


This is amazing! 😊


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