The Letters- September 30, 1926 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- September 30, 1926 from Bob to Jean

Letter One as they officially start being numbered, from Bob to Jean mailed September 30 1926. 

"Jean dear:

    This has been a miserable day. Thank heaven it is nearly over and only this pleasure remains. 

    I chased all over town today in a pouring oozy rain- I left my slicker in C.R.- and my trunk didn't come till after dinner so I hadn't a dry thing to put on!

    What do you think?!! They are talking of sending me to Waterloo or Ames in the next few days! I got all excited when they mentioned Waterloo but then they argued Ames and I cooled off a bit. But even Ames is better- direct railroad connections!!! They'll probably end by keeping me here- worst luck. 

     It seems so strange to be around and not know a soul to speak to. I caught me talking to myself this evening. If that happens again I'll go out and scratch an acquaintance with the first person I see. 

     I am rooming at the Y.M.C.A. My room is a double but I have it to myself. My window looks out on the capital and is high enough so I can see all the East Side of Des Moines. 

     I'll be glad when I can start work- it won't be so lonesome. 

     Tell your daddy I was very sorry that I did not see him before I left. But you can tell him I'm coming back someday to discuss a very important matter with him. Can you guess what it is? 

      Jean, darling, I want this year to be a happy one for you, and I want to help make it so. I had counted so much on being where we could continue our glorious summer- but what I am doing is for US, dear, for a *Blue Room- and loads of other things to make us happy. And if dreams come true- if hopes are realized- then surely our good times have not ended- they have barely begun. 

     I love you, Jean, Heart and soul I am yours always 





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