The Letters- April 1, 1927 from Bob to Jean


             If, as soon as the social rush is over, I don't get word that you're either all well or have been to a doctor, I'll tell your Daddy you missed classes, sure as sin. You've just got got to be well, if I have to come and lead you to a hospital by the hand. That's that!!! 

           Yes, dearest, it will always be just as it has been- unless you, yourself change. But please don't, sweetheart. I love you so, I couldn't bear to have you one bit different or care one bit less for me. 

           Did you have a good time at the dance? I hope so, dear. I'm only sorry I couldn't be there with you. You would have gone with me if I had come- wouldn't you.

          I have Herschel an awful bawling out. Imagine- he was going to give Cele thunder for having another date. And maybe I didn't get an icy letter rom him. Thus our friends thank us for the advice they sought- when we don't tell then what they want to hear. I told him he took Cele too much for granted- that made him maddest. But he does- gets his dates at the last minute- never has a regular date for Sunday night- just meets her at Vespers with never a word before hand. Og well it's his business and here-after I'll mind mine. 

            I came home at noon for your letter- I was anxious to know how you felt- and it wasn't here. If it had not come I was going to call this afternoon- but you'd have been at Ben-Hur- while I'd have imagined you at St. Lukes or Mercy- whichever your preference is.

          While you're having a gay time tonight I'll be working- darn it. But I hope you'll think of me once in a while. 

           Got through the day fool proof. I wasn't on my guard either because I hardly thought of it at all. 

           Dearest, please don't decide you like either of your dates better than you do me. I wish I were there so I could see you often and make you stay well. 

            Honestly, dearest, you must do something- take better care of yourself- you wouldn't want to be ill at two formals straight. What is it you hate about doctors anyway?

           Have a good time, honey- but then you will. Just remember your Bob loves you more than anything in the world. 

                                           Yours always


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