The Letters- April 21, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- April 21, 1927 from Bob to Jean

"Dearest Jean:

                The pictures were none too good- and you like the one of me alone. I think it is absolutely dumb looking. The other one you liked I think is good. Mrs. Cooper thinks there are all good- but she is kind. 

                I haven't heard from Herschel. I hope he wakes up soon and does something. Heaven knows I'd do as much for him. 

               And I'll bet twenty cents that Mr. Bowlsby found out your name thru Lois or Polly Gates. But how he knows your dad's name and business is more than I know. When the time is ripe I'm going to find out. 

              I guess it's up to us dear to show that engagements sometimes do result in marriage. Simpson had his pin on last Fall when I saw him- coming up for the interfraternity dance. 

            Why doesn't Cele stir Herschel a bit? He night at least write me one way or the other. Perhaps he didn't realize the need for haste till he got my second letter. Here's hoping for the best. 

             I looked so long at the pictures that I must hurry. 

             I love you, darling. Don't you tire of hearing me say it?

                                           Yours entirely- 


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