The Letters- April 25, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- April 25, 1927 from Bob to Jean




                  Your bad news was nothing to what I've had today Honestly I never had so much pile up on me at once time in my life. I hope, now, that things will be brighter for a while at least.

                  Where shall I begin. The lightest blow first- I guess. Well, Mr. Bowlsby asked me to change my vacation till August. Asked is hardly the word- but he was tactful enough to put it that way. It's too soon after our change in chief operators. Miss Kolfenbach has run this office for years and there's no doubt her going will make a big difference.

                 He also said "you and I can count on spending all our time in the office for a few weeks". And when I told him I wanted off Friday afternoon he said "Go ahead if you've made plans- but it should be strictly avoided in the future". So there goes your spring dance. 

                I've been in a daze all day. Why should every little thing turn against us this way. Heaven knows I find little enough happiness in the hole- and then to lose the bright spots that make life worth living. 

               I am more of less at his disposal. His yes or no will mean my advancement or failure. And as long as he is within his rights or reason with his requests I have no choice. When he oversteps them Mother Bell will lose a son so quick she won't see him go.

               It's tough but it's so and we'll have to swallow it. But the heartache and disappointment are there Jean. I'm so terribly blue. Why is money? We should be so happy, Jean, but everything seems determined to rob us of that. I'm even losing my faith in prayer.

              I'm to go to McGregor Thursday to a conference. Doesn't that sound important. I don't know what it's all about or why- but I'm going. Maybe I'll get a chance for a talk with Mr. B. A lot of good it will do- but I'll do what I can.

             Do you know- I completely forgot to tell Eddie about our engagement. He'll rave if he hears of it before I can write to him. 

             Jean, dear, no hard luck in the world can steal my love for you. If it weren't for that I'd give up in despair- but that gives me the will to carry on. We'll win yet!!

                                                    I do love you- so much,


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