The Letters- April 29, 1927

The Letters- April 29, 1927

"Good morning:

             I'll bet you did not expect this- and I'll bet I don't get one. I'm entirely too good to you- as if I ever could be. 

             I was nicely settled in my tub tonight and just had my head lathered when I was called to the phone. It was Smithy- on his way to Dyersville after his car, which has been stranded there since before Easter. I dressed and went down to see him. 

             He was quite surprised at our engagement and thinks it a huge joke on Phil. Smithy hasn't been around much since Phil left. He is as much engaged as ever- wore his pin at the house on day just to create a sensation. They had a quarrel but that was patched up. He had taken one of the teachers to a dance at Elkader and they got stuck coming home- had to spend the rest of the night in the car. He told her about it and she was angry. Moral- never tell.

               Really I enjoyed our visit very much. I learned that his engagement was rushed by about two years as a result of a conversation I had with him last spring. I think I'll run a bureau. Want to subscribe. Matches guaranteed. In fact I have a husband in mind for you I'm sure you'll like. He's sort of a no count fellow- but a college graduate and has a job (such as is) and I know you could have him for the asking. 

             Truly, dear, I enjoyed Friday night with you. As if I could ever spend an unenjoyable moment with you. I'm truly sorry I can't be with you today and tomorrow- but a few hours are better than none. 

             And while you are undoubtably reading this in bed- your Bobby is working his fool head off- so tired he can hardly hold up. And to make it easier for him, he will undoubtedly continue working far into the night. 

             There is the barest possibility - if the roads are good- that I could come for either the Pan Hel or the Intrafrat dance. There is a bus that leaves at five. But in either case I'd have to be back Saturday morning. Wouldn't you rather we missed them and had a Sunday?

             Poor Smithy. He was to start from Dyersville at midnight- 25 miles and it's pouring.

            The Prom was so wonderful- or rather you were. Do you know who the real queen was? Look in your mirror- see her- meet Jean- Queen of my heart. 

                                                                Your lover 


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