The Letters- April 5 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- April 5 1927 from Bob to Jean


             Your letter was so sweet- sweeter than I deserved after the woeful one I wrote Sunday. But you always were too good, sweetheart. 

           Mr. Bowlsby and Mr. Carney from Des Moines were here today. Thank heaven things were going smoothly. I cut the boarding house this noon and had lunch with them- the most wonderful chicken chow mein- my check was only a dollar and a quarter. Thank heaven for generous bosses. And Mr. Bowlsby had me call Mr. Anderson at C.R. to reserve rooms for them tonight. Mr. Anderson asked if they were buying good eats today. I told him and he said "fine- I'll stay down and eat with them tonight. Glad to hear you're getting started right". Andy has a reputation for getting meals off the bosses. I haven't missed any so far.

           The sunshine most certainly is welcome. Yes, dear, we'll hike this summer- and go up the river- and dance- and loaf- and be happy for one glorious week. And you are coming to Dubuque aren't you? And we can go on the moonlight river excursions and to Galena or Union Park to dance- and hike to the top of the world to watch the sunset.. 

         If only we could have a summer like '26. But it won't be many summers till we wouldn't be willing to trade even for that one.

        We've been getting some of the best looking furniture for the rest room- solid brown mahogany- a Victrola, a spinnet desk and two rockers. We have five more chairs, two foot stools and a davenport coming. I'd like to steal it all for us. 

        Chrystal Herne is here in "Craig's Wife". I haven't decided whether or not to see it. It is supposed to be good and I haven't seen a good play since I left Des Moines. 

        I was so mad last night. I told you about living four days on $1.85. Well I found two dollars I'd had all that tie- tucked away in a dresser drawer. Oh, well, it'll buy something for the house. I don't know what but we'll fine a use for it.

         I'm looking forward, darling, to the time when we begin in earnest to plan our home. Of course we won't agree on every detail and of course your idea will always be best. A woman's always are when it comes to planning a home. Won't it be fun, Jeannie?

        I love you, sweetheart, more than ever. 

                         Yours completely



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