The Letters- April 6, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- April 6, 1927 from Bob to Jean


       I've only a few minutes in which to write this- I must mail it before six.

        Now that you have your pin aren't you going to wear the two together for Easter? Please, darling. 

        I'm going to work tonight and I've already put in a busy day. But it will give ne something to do.

        Saw "Craig's Wife" last night. Many claim the character overdrawn- but I've known so many women just like her. She's just exactly the kind of wife I do not want. Really the acting was superb- it seemed good to see a real play for a change- even if I did have to stand during the second act- a result of having lingered too long over my cigarette in the lobby.

       Isn't today wonderful. Just the kind of day I'm wishing for Easter. Please, dear, you are going to wear both pins in sight aren't you?

       I told you I'd hear about your dates when I asked you to tell me first. I did. 

       You'll have to bear with the blot, dear. I must run to mail this. 

                              More yours than ever-


P.S. I do!!



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