The Letters- April 8, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- April 8, 1927 from Bob to Jean


            The post script you puzzled over might explain itself in connection with the numerous ones in a preceding letter. It was merely an answer to your favorite question. Get it?

          I've worked like sin today in spite of the gloom. And there is plenty left over for tomorrow. Thank heaven tomorrow is a half holiday.

          In reply to your question as to suitable jewelry for Easter allow me to repeat my vague post script. "I do". But of course it is for you to decide, dearest. You know your own mind and heart better than I do- but you can not blame me for  voicing my wish on the question (I'm so tired I can't spell!)

          How you you spend your vacation time. Studying, I'll bet- not. Or perhaps you're cleaning ouse. Wish I could come and help you. 

          The government boats have been coming up the river putting out buoys to mark the channel. We hear a steamer whistle every once in a while and when the shipping service opens it'll sound like Fourth Street.

           Somehow I'm not a bit enthusiastic about going down to supper tonight. But I'm not fond of going to bed hungry.

          Last night I read "The Huntress"- a cute story. Did you see the movie- with Colleen Moore? I missed it. 

         Think I'll go to church Sunday. I haven't been since I came to Dubuque- never wake up in time. Hope I don't wander into the wrong church- a Protestant one is a rare article in this town. Guess I'd better inquire.

       Had a cute letter from Vinsan McBroom- the kid terror from Waterloo. I used to talk to him about his poor report cards and he informs me that now they've started fractions he's sure to get an A every day. Like I used to in Chemistry- only the a was not a grade.

        Mother is terribly discouraged. The superintendent- whom she very much dislikes- is retained for another year. She had hoped so that he'd be let out. 

       Another week is all, darling. Heaven knows its long enough. It really seems ages since your formal. But after Easter it isn't long til the Prom. I've some bad news- not news, really, just a fear. I'll tell you when I come. We've been pretty lucky, so far, dear, so we shouldn't complain too much- but we do. Now if you'd taken my pin long ago just think how many visits we'd have had since. 

       Can't it really be Easter, honey? It's up to you. 

                            With every bit of my love and worship-

                                              Yours, Bob"

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