The Letters- December 19 & 20, Bob to Jean and Jean to Bob

The Letters- December 19 & 20, Bob to Jean and Jean to Bob



"Dearest Jean:

                No letter from you today, but I am lonely and so I'll inflict another of mine on you.

                 Another week outside in spite of the cold weather. Monday we are going to work on toll lines east of Grinnell. I hope it is warmer. 

                I had a letter from H___ to-day. He wants me to come to Earlham some time during the holidays but I'll be at home, one week end, and with you the other. I missed him dreadfully in Cedar Rapids- he has always been such a close friend. 

               Sweetheart, I am sending a package Monday which I truly hope you will not open until Christmas. Won't you be content to guess until then- please? It contains mostly love, Jean, dear. 

               There was nothing in my letter that offended- or hurt- was there? Nothing was so intended. I tried to pick the easiest way for both of us. If you do not agree- please say so, won't you? For after all, nothing matters but you. If I lose you I lose all hope for happiness. 

               We promised to be honest with each other. Please forget that I handed E__ a line and believe that with you I have always been sincere. At least to E___ I never mentioned the word "love". Making her guess that was a part of the game. I have felt admiration, friendship, and brotherly affection for many girls- but only one have I ever truly loved and that is you. I ask only that you will believe. 

                                             Yours always,


 P.S. Can you imagine me calling MH to discuss you? Where does she get her ideas? B"


"Dearest Bob:

               I received your sweet letter this noon just as I was dashing down to work. I felt like a true "business woman" when I read it going down to the car. I suppose you get mine to-day.

              This will have to be terribly short, dear, as I have to eat dinner and be back within forty minutes. 

             We had the most wonderful men's Glee Club from Chicago to-day- I certainly enjoyed them. 

            Why doesn't H come back before New Year's, then he could see you. Dear- do you realize it will soon be here?

             I'll guess with you about MH and her ideas!

             Too bad they still have you outside- I hope the New Year will bring you in to Des Moines. 

             We are working until nine to-night. I am selling bed-room slippers. Not very exciting.

             Dear you are asking a lot when you ask me not to open the package- I am so curious, dearest, but because you asked me not to I promise I won't peak until Christmas morning. How's that, dear, but it will be so hard- why be so cruel to me?

               Well only a half hour is left so I must run along. Glad you wrote, Bobby.


                                                       Your Sweetheart,




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