The Letters- December 27 & 28 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- December 27 & 28 from Bob to Jean


"Dearest Jean:

                Just a note- I'll write a real letter this evening. You've no idea how I hoped that Christmas would bring me just what it did. I love your picture- it is so- just Jean. My folks admired it greatly and Mrs L, who has been telling me of a girl friend who could bring me to my knees in one meeting, said "I guess there isn't much chance of your falling for anyone else."

                I'm so glad you liked the shawl. There were over three hundred on display when I got it and I had thirty minutes in which to choose. Dear, I was sorry I made you wait- after I wrote, for I was more anxious to hear how you liked it than you were to see it. 

               I am glad Christmas was a happy day for you- and for me. 

               Thank you for the picture, dear heart, it is my most highly valued possession. 

                                                         With all my love,




             Christmas is over- and now we can look forward to the next holiday. And with the New Year comes Jean!

              I had truly a wonderful time at home tho' the going and coming was dreadful. I left here at 6:30 Friday morning and arrived at 10:45 that evening. Coming back was nearly as bad. I landed here at two A.M/ and found myself locked out. But it was so good to be at home again. 

             Dear, I love my picture. It is so much better than any one I have- and I did want it so much. Thank you, Dearest. 

              I had a lovely letter from H___- and the nicest leather bound volume of Kipling. I so wished I could see him. I have so much to tell him- and to ask him. 

             How I hate candy. I've eaten so much I feel like a lump of sugar. Certainly I have ruined my digestion. All I've been able to eat to-day is one oyster stew.

            M__ H must have been deeply disappointed. I did not call her up. Wasn't that mean? The more I think of her the madder I get. 

           We have no carrier service and the fellow who delivers specials and telegrams is a half-wit. He was going to stick around to see what you had to say and I nearly had to throw him out. Almost as bad as operators who listen in. 

          Only a few days. The time has gone faster than expected.



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