The Letters- December 6, 1926 from Jean to Bob

The Letters- December 6, 1926 from Jean to Bob

"Dearest Bob, 

             Your letter came this morning and I was glad to hear from you. You see I am worthy of this second chance- aren't you glad you tried again!

             I had a lovely day at Killian's selling Christmas cards and the head of the department said I did exceptionally well. I hope I will get to work during the holiday.

            We had a good time at the dance- although I was a bit tired. L__ has asked me for Friday- but I am waiting to hear from you. 

             The weather here has cleared up- I hope it is the same in Colfax. 

             Oh! I forgot to tell you Miss N didn't come so I felt 100% better. 

             H___ was called to come home to-day due to the serious condition of his brother- isn't that a shame?

              I hope, dear, that to-morrow will bring good word from you- that everything is all right with Mr D. 

                                     So bye-bye Bobby

                                                         Your Sweetheart, 



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