The Letters- December 7 & 8 1926, From Bob to Jean

The Letters- December 7 & 8 1926, From Bob to Jean



            I was a beast- talking the way I did tonight- as if I didn't care whether I talked to you or not- or whether I came or not- but there was a reason. Here is it. 

            Did you know that you and I had been engaged and that recently you had sent my pin back? That is the latest at the office- for Dorothy- the sawed off operator- had noticed that I never wore my fraternity pin- and saw it for the first time Sunday when I went down to call Mr D. And she was listening in on our whole conversation. 

            A trivial reason- but if I had said what I wanted to say she would have told all and sundry about it- she is that kind. 

           But truly I called you- and am coming to Cedar Rapids because I love you, dear. From what you said I'm a little afraid of your tomorrow's letter. Write soon and forgive me for my seeming indifference- for really I care- more than you know. 

                                                    With love,



"My dearest:

            Your so sweet letter just came. I was so anxious to get it- to know what would say- if you would say- what you did. 

            Sweetheart just forty-eight hours from now I'll be on my way- I can hear the train pulling out. 

            Monday the sleet was the worst we'd had- but I didn't worry because I'd made up my mind I would come regardless. Our wires are as big around as my thumb but there is no wind. Anyway, I'm coming. If they want to shoot me for desertion they'll have to come to C.R.

           It is too bad about H____. I hope his brother recovers- he was so proud of them all. 

          He has always been my especial confidant- he is always sympathetic and helpful and close-mouthed- and I fear me I said things in my letter that I would not have said to any other person. But word is O.K. 

         I can hardly wait to see you, sweetest- but it isn't long now- and next time is even shorter. I'll call you the moment I arrive. 

                                               With all my love, 


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