The Letters- February 15 1927 from Jean to Bob, February 16 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- February 15 1927 from Jean to Bob, February 16 from Bob to Jean

Feb 15

"Dearest Bobby:

                Your darling Valentine letter came this morning. And your dear questions will find an answer sometime someday. Last night was so beautiful, Bob. I just love the unexpected- and I was truly surprised. It was a wonderful Valentine date and I enjoyed every second of it. 

               I haven't been the least bit sleepy all day- and I had my lessons. Were you? 

              Had sorority meeting this afternoon. We had the preps bring us fudge, in fact, make it for us- it tasted pretty good. Billy W has a date with Ferne D for Friday night- what has become of Lois- or do you know?

             You asked about the dance, dear. What time would you like for me to come? I believe, daddy said, there was a car or train leaving about eleven for C.R. 

             I have some studying to do for Bishop and Cave and also Jean so must get to it. 

            What time did you get into Waterloo?

                                          Bye-bye, Bobby dear.

                                                         Your "V" and "S",


Feb 16

"Dearest Jean:

             Wasn't it wonderful? Truly I thought so. And all the more because it was unexpected. Mrs. Luther asked me when I was in Colfax if I were going to Cedar Rapids for Valentine's Day. I looked on my calendar and said "no". She said "why that's the one day of the year you should be with her." And I was!

            Worked till seven thirty tonight. I suppose Mr. Ellis will take a notion to work Saturday afternoon. What time do you expect to get here? And you'll have dinner with me Saturday night, won't you? Will have to be in Waterloo early anyway, because the dance is early. 

            Truly we have been lucky. Or do you count it as luck?

             You know, I'm counting so strong on going to Dubuque that I can't keep still about it. I'm not supposed to have any idea where I'm going tho' everyone else knows. 

            But the other day in an unguarded moment I asked Mr. Ellis "I wonder what kind of connections I'll be able to make between Dubuque and C.R.?" I could have bitten my tongue after I said it. 

            Remember, dear, above everyone else in the world---------

                                                         I love you. 




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