The Letters- February 18 & 20 1927 from Jean to Bob and Bob to Jean

The Letters- February 18 & 20 1927 from Jean to Bob and Bob to Jean

Feb 18-

"Dearest Bob:

               I received both of your lovely letters- one yesterday and the other to-day. 

               Mother and I have been downtown all afternoon- we just got home. This was one time Dad should have worried, however I don't know whether he did or not. 

              I received your formal invitation to-day. Isn't it grand the way things worked out? I, also, have something nice to tell you about the A.D.A.s.

             I'd love to have dinner with you to-morrow night, dear. I'll leave here on the three o'clock interurban. 

             I have a couple of things to tell you- but guess I'll let you wonder until I see you. 

                                          Good-night, Bobby dear. 

                                                                Your sweetheart, 


Feb 20


              It was all so lovely, dearest. Too wonderful to be true!! I was so proud of you- I was just all swelled up. I wouldn't have traded dates with any fellow there. 

              Isn't this a wonderful morning? I'm sitting next to my open window taking the benefit of the air. 

              I'm going to Church this morning with the McBroooms- they've invited me to dinner. Isn't that nice of them. 

              Hope you enjoyed the Life and the animal crackers on your journey- and that you found the Rock Island more comfortable than the interurban. 

              I feel so peppy this morning. Like a smashing set of tennis or a couple of rounds of golf. I'll probably take it out in a good long hike this afternoon. Haven't really hiked since that one time in Des Moines. 

              Dear, I hope we'll enjoy the dance this week as much as the one last night. You did enjoy it- didn't you?? You said you did. 

             I love you so much, dear. Life is measured by the times I see you- I just mark time between dates- living on the last one and visions of the next. Cause you're so lovely, so sweet, dearest- I just wouldn't be normal if I didn't worship you. But I do- you know I do.



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