The Letters- February 21 & 22, 1927 from Jean to Bob

The Letters- February 21 & 22, 1927 from Jean to Bob

"Dearest Bob:

              Your darling letter came this morning. I am glad, dear, that you enjoyed Saturday night- because I certainly did. 

              Everything went off all right at school to-day. Just think no classes to-morrow except P.T. for me. 

              In swimming this afternoon I almost froze. The water was ice cold. It had just been let in and had not been heated- however it made me feel peppy. 

             I am very proud of you- getting up in time to write a letter before church, and going to church- I'll have to give you a brass button- how's that?? Did you enjoy your dinner with the McBrooms?

            It is just about time for me to go for Mother and Daddy- they are at the Rotary dinner. 

            How are your folks? 

            I saw Herschel to-day- he is just fine. The other night he lost his red scarf- I am truly glad it was that one instead of the one you gave him as yours is so much prettier- and it looks better on him- but he doesn't know I think of of this so don't tell him. 

           We had lots of fun at the tea last night- I love to hear the preps say "Miss". To-day Katherine M said "Miss Boone do you know where Miss Roberts is?"

           We had the preps sing their songs last night. Poor things, they were so nervous- I would have been, too, singing all alone- last year we did it in groups of three. 

           A year ago last night Ward and Jerry had their first date- isn't that thrilling? I remember it as the night we broke probation- or the night we were caught- I had broken it before then. 

           I heard E.M. had a date with Ruth for the Coe-Cornell game and dance. Goodness she must be over a head taller- I wonder if it is true? 

            It's time for me to go.

                              Good-night, sweet Bobby-boy.


"Dearest Bobby:

            Your sweet letter came to-day. I am glad you made the trip without any difficulty. 

            I am dead tired to-night- just got home from "Upstage". 

           I took Ruth W to luncheon to-day- we had the nicest visit. Then sorority meeting this afternoon. Our new president is Mary Ellen C, Laura T vp, Jerry, treas and can you imagine it I am historian- I don't see why they are so down on me but they must be, to do a thing like that!

          Phil was up yesterday- he hopes to get a school for next year. He came out last night and we had a very nice chat; he was quite the same old Phil- clever as usual. 

          You poor dear, working after midnight. I don't see how you do it. Rather cruel of them to shove so much work upon you all at once. 

           I told you about my plans for the sewing teacher- she received the first set to-day- and don't think she didn't notice it. If she can't give me what I really earn then I'll make her flunk me on general attitude. 

          I am so sleepy- can't you tell it?

          I'll save Saturday and Sunday if you promise to be a very good little boy- promise?? 

                                   Good-night, dearest.

                                                        Your Sweetheart,



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