The Letters- February 22 & 23, 1927 from Jean to Bob and Bob to Jean

The Letters- February 22 & 23, 1927 from Jean to Bob and Bob to Jean

"Dearest Bob:

               I was so happy when I came home and found your dear letter- I thought, perhaps, there would be no delivery on George's birthday. 

              I am all dressed up for the Ball and I feel just like Martha. My dress is so cute- it belongs to Marry Ellen C. It is blue silk. 

               I don't blame you for not working Sunday, dear, it was too lovely a day to be shut in. 

              Nothing exciting at school to-day. Cel and I skipped chapel and that's all there was. 

             I think it is darling of you to drink only one cup of coffee a day, dearest, and I am so very proud of you. 

             It is a good plan of yours to sleep and then you won't be sleepy Friday. I slept this afternoon. Just two more full twenty-four hour days until Friday- isn't it wonderful, Bobby dear?

            Tell me what Mr. D has to say- will you?

             Daddy has come to take George and me down- so I must run along. 

                            Good-bye, darling

                                                         Your Sweetheart,


Feb 23


             Your two letters came today- why I don't know. But I haven't been home since morning- and it's now tomorrow so I don't suppose you'll get this till Friday. 

             Mr A from Cedar Rapids, Mr D and I were all out to Mr B's for dinner tonight. It was the most wonderful meal. 

              And Mr B has the cutest three year old daughter- I'll bet you can't guess her name. You're right!!! 

              Our party was tonight. Everyone had a good time.

               Lois and P Gates, the girl Wally goes with, were up from C.R They are both going to be at the formal. Hurrah for Mother Bell. She'll have at least five sons and daughters at the affair. 

                Mr D didn't mention business at all. So I may stay here for another week or two- or I may leave tomorrow. 

                This has been a full day. But I'm not in the least tired. T'won't be long now till the formal. Are you as anxious for Friday night as I am. I expect to get into Cedar Rapids early in the afternoon. I'll call you when you've had time to get home. Herschel is supposedly taking care of details and I think we are to go together. 

             I'm thinking of going home for my vacation. If I'm close enough to CR so I can see you often anyway I probably will. I want to take some Masonic work this summer and my Dad is very anxious that I study it with him. And I want to if it is at all possible. It would mean so much more to me and give him so much pleasure. 

            I'll have only a week so it will mean changing my plans a lot. Of course I may change my mind- I do that very often. 

            One of the girls at the office asked me if I liked Waterloo. I said "as a suburb of Cedar Rapids, I like it fine."

           I've had a feeling all week that something was going to turn up that would prevent me from coming to the formal. I have been too lucky lately. It can't last. Wouldn't it be dreadful? 

                I'd never be the same again. 

                                  Oh well don't worry I'll be there with bells on! 

                                                            Lots of love, 


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