vintage Leap Year card that says "Leap Year Thoughts I'll get you yet"

The Letters- February 28 (Leap Year!) 1927 from Jean to Bob

"Dearest Bob:

                 Your darling letter came this morning, I enjoy them so much.

                 I am terribly sorry about your face, and trust it is all right now. Wouldn't it be a shame if you had Barber's Itch- there is such a thing isn't there?

                Everything went all right at Coe College to-day. I didn't study my french at all but Mr. Cane doesn't know that. The reason I didn't study was because Marguerite and I talked all hour. Our talk was worth more than french to me0 Marguerite is so lovely and she has excellent ideas. We were going to the lecture to-night but Mr Sarrett is ill. 

                  I was absolutely astounded when I read about the SHADES, dear. How do you know one can see in? I hope the kids didn't see. What did you say in reply??!

                I saw Herschel to-day, he looked just the same I thought perhaps he would be a nervous wreck. He said he spoke on life and service- wonder what he said??

                 I hope you haven't skipped any more of your meals, Bobby. I am truly sorry you had a headache. 

                Bob I am so sorry you can't cone for the Coe-Cornell game and dance. I wish you could, dear, it would be such a wonderful climax for our first meeting. Maybe Mr Ellis wouldn't mind- you would only miss Saturday morning. 

                                            'Bye, Bobby dear.

                                                                 Your Sweetheart, 


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