The Letters- January 13, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- January 13, 1927 from Bob to Jean

Seems a scant few letters from Jean to Bob, but one assumes he wasn't as careful keeping them safe. There are a lot coming though!

Jan 13, from Des Moines IA

"Dearest Jean:

                One more day's work done. Really it isn't work- it's so interesting. But just the same, there's no escaping that tired feeling at five o'clock. I have felt better today but there is still much room for improvement. Here's hoping. 

                Why am I worried and blue dear? First because of a "financial" tangle- but I now have that straightened out. And because of you. Why shouldn't I be. Here I am, in Des Moines- so darned far away that all I can do is wonder how soon you'll meet someone you like better. Foolish? Perhaps- but I love you so much I just can't help myself. 

                To-night I am going to see Walker Whiteside in The Arabian. It should be very good. It has been a long time since I've seen a really great actor or a really great play. 

                Last night I attended a meeting of the Y Masquers and read a part in Booth Tarkington's "The Trysting Place". My part was quite like Willie Baxter in Seventeen. 

               I picked out the best looking cup, yesterday. You know, I promised a scholarship cup to the fraternity. I'll show it to you before I give it. It should be ready for my next trip in. That trip will be discussed at length in a near future letter. It's rather complicated. 

             This afternoon they let we men out of school an hour early and we went over to one of the exchanges and watched the girls work. 

            Here in Des Moines there are four exchanges, and calls originating in one exchange, calling another exchange are handled over a special set of trunk lines. The operator who receives these calls in the terminating exchange is known as a B operator. She takes the number from the A operator and assigns a trunk number and plugs up the number wanted. A good operator can handle 600 calls an hour- ten a minute- one every six seconds. Can you imagine it? It made my head swim to listen to them. Sometimes there would be four or five A operators trying to pass a number at once. And the girl never made a mismove. 

            Sometime, if you have a chance, go through an office. Cedar Rapids is different in that they have but one office and need no B operators. But even Cedar Rapids is well worth seeing. It looks almost impossible. 

           Please, sweetheart, write soon. I get so lonesome for you- and your letters are so sweet. Believe me I love you- and will, long after all hope is gone. Right now I'm still hoping. 




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