The Letters- January 16, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- January 16, 1927 from Bob to Jean

(Des Moines, IA)


                  Your so sweet letter was received with great rejoicing. I wondered if I had been forgotten. 

                   I am going out to Colfax today. I left a few of my things there and this is a good time to get them. 

                  Yesterday I bought two pictures for my room. I got Gainsborough's "Blue Boy" in a beautiful blue and gold frame- remember the large one Professor  Newcomb had in his studio- and a small Remington's "At the End of the Trail". They add so much to the place. Yet I don't look at either of them as much as I do at another I have- "Sweetheart". 

                    "The Arabian" was very good though there was nothing much to it but Walker Whiteside. However he was sufficient. I have never seen a more finished actor. Every gesture, every word, was perfect. 

                     I am glad the sisters liked your shawl. But really, what they thought of it is not important to me- if you liked it. 

                    So you are dropping Vespers. That means we can have Sunday afternoons unbroken by your having to chase off to sing. 

                    I wish I could give you the particulars of of my next visit but I can't- because I don't know them myself yet. But there will be a next one- and not too far in the future. 

                   A fellow who stopped in last night remarked "Gee- you have a good looking girl". And Gray- my chum- the clerk with the leather heels- which, by the way, he is still wearing- said "Plenty smart, planty smart!". Doesn't that last sentence do credit to an English major. 

                                            Jean, dear, Truly I do!



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