The Letters- January 18, 1926 (x2!) From Bob to Jean

The Letters- January 18, 1926 (x2!) From Bob to Jean

Letter 1


             Your letter came today and although my yesterdays letter was not mailed in time to reach you today, I am writing this in hope that you will not object to receiving two in the same day. 

            School becomes more and more interesting as it becomes more and more involved- and, too, I have the added advantage of seeing beyond the immediate work into the why and wherefor of it all- and the things that make it work. 

            Dear, you frighten me. I cannot imagine you becoming such a slave to the text-book. And your Daddy- I got a kick out of that- after what he said about putting you where you would really have to work. 

           I know you do not have time to write often- but please do whenever you have time. Won't you??

            Gene G___- I seem to run to Jeans- was in today discussing my date to the dance. He said "Of course, don't expect too much. You know there are gew girls who can equal that picture of yours". I think he's much too interested. I'll have to hide it when he comes again. 

            Coming down town tonight I was giving Gene all the bloody details of my white elephant acquaintance of the Y. And the blamed fool was right behind us and finally slapped me on the shoulder and took charge of the conversation. Served him right the blamed____, I wish I could use the name I used to G__. Naughty but picturesque. 

                                                  I love you dear, truly- yours entirely


Letter 2


              You may anxious to know just what I meant by what I said about my next visit home. 

               I spent two hours today figuring and here are the results. My last note comes due on March first, and of course I must be able to meet it. And I just mailed a check for over eighty dollars for insurance. So you see my difficulty is entirely financial. 

              However, I will be able to come sometime- anytime during the month of February. You know what is going on so pick your date- only of course it can be for only Saturday night and Sunday. And, too, something might come up that I couldn't make it, but I'll know in advance. 

             Then I did want to come in on March 5 but you mentioned your formal and I cannot come twice during March- unless our formal happened then- in which event I'd break a leg to get in. 

              Now here is the situation. I can come twice before the first of April. If you'd rather I'll come March 5 and then to the formal- but that's an awfully long wait. But it's entirely up to you. Won't you tell me just what you think?

              I've been living in a veritable nightmare. Saturday night I met a fellow here at the Y who became very friendly. He invited me up to his room to listen to his radio- took me to a show and fed me afterwards. All very well. But I do not like him- would never have noticed him if I hadn't been so awfully lonely- and now I can't get rid of him. All I can hope to do is keep out of his sight. He got me for a few minutes yesterday but I shook him- very crudely- I must admit. So far to-day I've been lucky and I'm going to bed in a few minutes.

            I saw something tonight that was both amusing and pathetic. An old woman, selling papers chased an imp of a newsy down the street, shrieking bad words at the top of her voice- all because he ventured to sell a paper on her corner. There's an idea. If you're ever called on to earn a living you can sell papers!!!!

            See how good I am. I am writing this even though I went letterless this morning. I wonder if you could guess why. 

             Things went well at school today. When they do, I really enjoy it- when they don't, it's awful. And it's hard to sit at the board two hours at a stretch- feeling as miserable as I have. 

             Do you ever see H____? Tell him he owes me a big letter. 

              Guess what!!! I am taking a Drake Alpha Xi to a company dance Thursday. Blind date- don't even know her name yet. Grey is fixing it. 

               How come the grades? Good, I hope. 

                                                     Yours always, 










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