The Letters- January 27 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- January 27 1927 from Bob to Jean


           Your special was so thoughtful- I appreciated it so much. It was brought up to me this evening while I was at rehearsal.

           The secret? Really it should be told- not written. And I won't forget. 

           I am enclosing a letter from Herschel. Do you wonder I call him my friend. Please don't mention it, you can return it to me when I come. 

           I've walked on air all day. Just think I'm all packed- ready to leave. I will not have a minute tomorrow. 

          And isn't it truly wonderful that I can. be so close. It seems too good to be true. I don't know how long it will be but we'll take advantage of it while it lasts. 

         Will you write to me over the weekend- so I'll have a letter to start my week off right? - my first week in Waterloo.

          If you haven't already said anything to the brothers- don't. I'll write Herschel as soon as I know my address. 

          Just think, I'll miss hearing Aimee Semple McPherson, who is to be here Saturday and Sunday. Won't that be tragic. 

          I've been doing pretty much as I pleased the last day or two. Just so I put in my hours. I imagine it will be different in H2OLoo. Pardon the reference to chemistry- a painful subject to both of us. 

          If you decide to write, send your letter to me in care of District Traffic Chief NW Bell Tel Co. Waterloo. 

        And please write, sweetheart- cause I love you- so very much.

                                                          Yours only


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