The Letters- January 29, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- January 29, 1927 from Bob to Jean


             My luggage is all at the station- all that remains is to get there myself in the morning. 

             Our plays really went over very well. My cast came through so I was able to do my best. I'm glad they are over. 

               Tomorrow is the beginning of a new era. May it be a long and happy one. Faith moveth mountains- and way down deep in my heart I always felt that someday I would go to Waterloo.

               It should make many things possible at least it furnishes material for a whole new floor in my dream castle. 

               I am woefully tired tonight. I've been on my feet all day.

               But I couldn't resist writing this note- off with the old- one with the new. 

               I have no regrets in leaving Des Moines. In the words of Turandot- of Senior Play memory- "I go and laugh in going". 

              Dear, I never loved you more than I do this instant.  

                                                 With all my love,


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