The Letters- January 7, 1926 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- January 7, 1926 from Bob to Jean

"Dear Jean:

           Forgive the unconventionality of this letter. Mother Bell is furnishing the stationery and the time in which to write. 

          I had no time to write last evening as I had a report of my work at Colfax for Mr. D____ to write- also an engagement to see Ben-Hur with some fellows from the office. 

         Ben-Hur was truly wonderful tho' quite dreadfully changed from the story. Some of the most important things in the character of Ben-Hur. His long infatuation for Iras was reduced to a single chance meeting- and the chariot race which he planned for months as a way to revenge himself on Messala was a chance occurrence- he determined to enter the day before the race. 

         The race itself was marvelous. It alone was worth the price of admission. I have never seen anything more thrilling. The whole thing was stupendous. One novel thing was the method of portraying the Christ. In all the scenes in which He appeared, only his arm was shown. The scenes, the lighting, and the direction were perfect. 

        Yesterday I met a girl who went to school to (sic) me in Havelock. She was waiting for a street car- has been going to business college here. The strange part of it is that I last met her waiting for a street car on Killian's corner when she was attending business college in Cedar Rapids. 

         Mr. E___ is attending a convention here in town. I'm going to try to locate him this evening. 

        Why was our last weekend the most pleasant? Don't you know? I do! It was because we did not discuss things which always hurt us both. And we knew that we wouldn't- so we were free to enjoy ourselves- free from the dread of the time when we should discuss impossible things. 

         Don't work or worry too much, dear. It never pays. And what is the difference between an A and a C when the A results from awful work at the last minute- knowledge hastily acquired and as quickly lost. None of my high grades has done me as much good as some of the other things that I got out of school. 

         I must tell you a good one on Bob. He took a pair of shoes down for repairs on his way to the show last night. He went out for a cigarette during intermission and when he came back handed the doorman his show check instead of his return check. As near as I can figure he is out one pair of shoes and ahead one show at the Berchel. 

         I have not been well this week. An awful cold and terrible headaches. I feel better today than I have but that is none too good. 

        I hope I have a letter. I didn't earn one but I hope I got it anyway.

                                           As much in love as ever, 


P.S. And that is- LOTS!!"


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