The Letters- August 23-27, 1926 "The Blue Room"

The Letters- August 23-27, 1926 "The Blue Room"

"Dear Bobby:

         Your lovely special arrived yesterday just as I finished washing my hair. I was very glad to hear from you. You lazy thing- sleeping until eight o'clock- when I got up at (6) six Saturday morning. 

         It was rather warm driving but not too unpleasant. We arrived here about seven and after dinner I had a date with my dear Brother. On Sunday afternoon we went to a Ball Game which had all the lemon pie your heart desires. 

         Goodness only knows when you will get this letter as the roads to town are quite muddy and the rural system very slow. But here is hoping for the best so you can write me at _______. I will be there until the afternoon of Aug 3. 

          I am now going downstairs and crank up an old player piano that hasn't played for about ten years. I imagine it will require the rest of the day. So good-bye until next time.

                                               Sincerely, Jean


PS I did not forget about the ring this time."

Bob's response

"Dear Jean:

            Home at last. Dad brought your letter to Okoboji with him when he came for me. 

            I did have a most wonderful time at the house party. The whole fraternity has become social so their was no fight. 

            We danced every night at The Roof Garden- no dates. I did dance waltzes because they played one every third dance but I insisted on sitting out "Valencia" because I have always thought of that as ours.

             Jean- coming thru Charles City I saw the *"Blue Room". It was in a furniture store window. The furniture was the old fashioned kind with the knobby spindles. The color was an antique Venetian Blue and it was set off with a gold-buff trim. Curtains and bed-spread were of buff. It was the sort of a room that makes one gasp- especially when he has been dreaming of it continually.

             B____ wanted me to be sure and tell you that he urged C______ to go to Alpha Xi Delta. They evidently corresponded for he showed me a snapshot she had sent him. 

             When do you return to C.R.? As far as I know I will be back Wednesday, the 2nd. 

             I am glad you remembered the ring, and I hope you have not forgotten some of the other thing you were to think of now and then. 

            Please let me hear from you again- of course I want to. 

                                                                      Yours always, 


* The Blue Room inspiration from a song they loved by Rodgers & Hart. 

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