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The Letters- Letter 3 of Engagement, March 9 1927 from Bob to Jean

"My Sweetheart:

               Your letter was waiting for me- I dash madly home at noon now because I can't wait till night. 

               I'm glad dear you are beginning to realize it all. I am- and the more I realize it the happier I feel. Yesterday we were in the rest room holding a meeting. The girls in the next room were playing the phonograph- I told you how they play a new record to death. Well this time it was "Blame It on the Waltz". And I was thinking of the last time I heard it- and how sweet it all was. Mr. Bowlsby got up and went out and shut it off. The joke was on me- he'd only asked me a question three times. 

                Your brother will be surprised. I'd like awfully to meet him but I'm afraid I can't this time. We just commenced a seven day study on toll that must be completed before I leave so I'll have to work all day Saturday and probably Sunday forenoon. 

                 I think I've been busier this week than any time since I've been here. And next week will be terrible. I leave Wednesday morning and have a good three hour's job at the office before I can leave. Then I'll have to put in ungodly hours for the first week or two in Dubuque. 

                 No letter from home yet- but I expect it tomorrow. I simply told the folks that I was engaged- madly in love- and deliriously happy. They'll not object, I'm sure. At least they have always said that when I made up my mind that everything would be perfectly all right with them. 

              Cele and Herschel aren't half as likely to weaken as Jean and Bob are. But I won't tell a soul till you say I may. I'll bet you do get a kick out of wearing IT without anyone knowing about it. 

                Herschel promised to write. Wonder if he realized it all yet. It gives him quite a wallop because he'd like to be in the same boat himself. Much as I like him, I can't for the life of me imagine him in love- can you?

                 What I'm going to get a kick out of is Ward and Jerry's reaction. I can just see Jerry- and Ward- I can just feel the mean paddle he'll swing. 

               Dear, there's no reason in the world why everything can't be as lovely as we want it. Marriage is pretty much we make it- and if you believe in my love you know that your happiness will always be my greatest concern. 

              And I do love you, Jean. I am sure- oh so sure- I just know. And I've known for so long, Jean- and truly, dear, if I was mistaken last summer there has been ample time to find it out. But instead I've loved you more and more everyday. 

              Sweetheart, if anything should happen, I could never be the same again-

               "For the heart which has truly loved, never forgets-"

               Jean, darling, you are and always will be everything that is lovely, and dear, and worthwhile to me.

               But it is useless to try to tell it. Mere words can't express how I feel. But you should know, dear, just how I feel when I say

                                                       I love you,



Listen to the 1926 version of "Blame it on the Waltz" mentioned by Bob HERE. 

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