1920s telephone operator at switchboard

The Letters- March 1 & 3, 1927 from Bob to Jean

"Dear Jean:

               Calm your fears! No one saw or said anything about the shades. I just happened to notice them as I was leaving. 

               My cup came today. It is quite good looking. I am bringing it with me Saturday and I won't forget my promise to let you see it. I went to the P.O. for it tonight and it was in a box big enough to pack me in. 

               Sleepy is no word for my condition. We worked till two- imagine that. They were short girls so Mr. Ellis put on a headset and worked on long distance while I did the same on local. I wonder what Gen. Public thought on hearing bass voices saying "Number please," and "on your call to Podunk we are ready". 

               I got a big kick out of it. 

               Didn't get up till nine this morning- neither did Mr. Ellis- and Mr. Bowlsby was looking for both of us at 8 o'clock. He didn't find us. 

               This must be finished in a hurry if you are to get it tomorrow.

               I am sorry to miss the game but two special concessions on consecutive weeks is more than Mother Bell will countenance. But we'll have the anniversary of our meeting- most wonderful event. 

                                      I must dash- 

                                                   Night Night sweetheart-


March 3


            Just a note- I've only three minutes. I talked to Mr. Bowlsby this morning and I am to remain in Waterloo another week. So there isn't a shadow of a doubt about my being able to come this week-end. 

            How well I remember the fun when the tickets for the game last year were sold. Now will I soon forget the price I had to pay for a second ticket. 

           I hope we can win- I am sure we can- and I hope the dance is a success. Wish I could make it. 

           What do you want to do Saturday night and Sunday. Really we should do something special but I'm to dag tired to think of a thing now. Maybe you could think of something. 

                                 I must sprint-

                                               With all my love


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