The Letters- March 10, 1927 from Bob to Jean (letter 5 of Being Engaged)

The Letters- March 10, 1927 from Bob to Jean (letter 5 of Being Engaged)

"Dearest Sweetheart:

               I am so glad that you, too, are happy. It means so much to me dear, that you are. Your letters are so sweet, dear, I just love them. 

              You'll tell me what your brother says, won't you darling. I hope he approves- though he could hardly judge very well- never having met me. But I'm so happy, dearest, that I want everyone concerned to approve. 

              Work tonight, we just put in over three hours last night, but are hoping to finish earlier tonight. But I don't mind it- it keeps from getting too awfully lonesome. 

              Somehow I'm not so tickled about going to Dubuque. It isn't that it is so far away but it seems so remote. And it certainly isn't as convenient to CR as Waterloo is. 

              As far as the work goes I know I'll like it. It will be so much more interesting to run an office by myself. And there will be so much to do. I am sort of anxious to find out just what it will be like. 

             Really dear, I must hurry if I am to get anything to eat before going back. I came home to write this- and reread your todays letter.

            You haven't regretted taking the step you did, have you, sweetheart? I hope you haven't, I hope you never will. You never will if in any way I can prevent it. If ever I fail to make you happy it will be because there was nothing more I could do. For all the rest of my life your happiness shall come first. Oh, Jean, sweet, I do love you, oh so much. 

                                                     Yours entirely, 


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