The Letters- March 16, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- March 16, 1927 from Bob to Jean


             Whatever may be Dubuque's disadvantages, it certainly is picturesque. The huge limestone bluffs- the old, old, buildings, the narrow streets, the flickering street lights- make it seem almost European.  

             I always have loved hills and I certainly saw enough of them coming in on the train. Limestone piled so fantastically that it seemed the lightest touch would topple over huge cliffs yet which will stand for ages to come. 

              My Dubuque address will be 1075 Walnut St. I am rooming at the home of the commercial manager. He was a Sigma Phi at Coe. He is a splendid fellow and his wife seems awfully nice. I don't know whether she is a Coe girl or not.

              I have a bit of not so good news. Connections to Cedar Rapids almost aint. To get to your formal I'll have to leave in the forenoon, and have to start back sometime Sunday afternoon. But we'll manage somehow. When the roads get good I'll hike down. 

              This is the first day since March 5 that I haven't had a letter from you. I miss it. Mail service promises to be terrible but thats another thing we'll have to manage- somehow. 

              Tomorrow I start to work- I haven't been to the office yet except to see Mr. Cooper. Thought I'd wait for Mr. Bowlsby to introduce me to the exchange. 

             I'm going to be busy, but not too busy to think of you every moment of the day, dear. Everything I've seen today I've seen in terms of how you would like it. I wished so much that you and I could explore it together. 

              The river was disappointing. I remembered it so much larger. Today it didn't seem so much larger than the Cedar. And I'd have much preferred to be looking at the Cedar from Manhattan. 

               I know its been years since March 5, sweetheart. I've been so terribly lonesome today.I hope it isn't too long till we'll be exploring new places together- places where every day's a holiday because- you're married to me. 

              I do love you so, Jean darling, every minute away from you seems an age. I'm blue, honey, I do so wish you were here- or I was there or something. But I'm going to the one thing that will bring you to me the quickest- I'm going to make good. 

             Good night, dearest, dearest, sweetheart.

                                          With all my love




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