The Letters- March 29, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- March 29, 1927 from Bob to Jean

"Dearest Jean:

               Your sweet letter was waiting to reward my extra climb- really the trip was well repaid. 

               I slept thirteen hours without interruption last night- so I felt pretty fit today. I needed to, for I put in another busy day- am going to work a few hours tonight. 

               My vacation- I don't know when I'll get it, I sort of would like to take it Commencement Week but I think the chief is taking hers then and so I couldn't. And there's an awfully long, hot summer after that. I'll probably wait till August, though I don't know. 

               So glad you are feeling better, dearest. If you don't stay well this time you had better take your daddy's advice and see a doctor.

              Really I feel much more engaged after seeing you again. It seemed almost like a dream before- but I know its true now. And I'm so glad, dearest.

             Won't you have your pin by Easter? I hope so!!

            We have a new, electric Orthophonic for our rest rooms. You can bet I had a lot of business to see to with the matron this morning. Some of the girls were begging her to buy "Blame It On the Waltz" when she got the April records. She asked me if I knew it. I told her yes and that it was very beautiful. Then one of the girls put on the snappiest fox trot and asked me if it wasn't tempting. I said "Yes, and I always run from temptation" and went upstairs. 

              We've got a couple more girls to fire and I asked Miss K if she wanted me to do it. She said no, it was her duty- but oh how she hated it.  I'll probably have it to do yet. I can do it, too. I don't know either of the girls by sight but their records are bad enough to can the keenest operator that ever opped. I could can you on the strength of twelve errors in one month- almost. 

              Seeing you again, darling, has made the world worthwhile once more. Next time I hope you are feeling better. You worry me when are not well, darling. Truly, precious, I left C.R. more in love with you than ever. And you were afraid I had changed. Shame on you. I love you, darling, and promise you that my next visit will find me more in love than ever.  

                                                        Yours Always,


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