The Letters- March 30, 1927, from Bob to Jean

The Letters- March 30, 1927, from Bob to Jean


            Your letter was most welcome. Wish I could have been there to lunch- did you really get it all by yourself? I am proud of you!

            A most excited letter from Herschel. Cecelia has another date for the military ball. He doesn't know quite what to make of it. He thinks he should be mad but he can't quite bring himself to be.  I'm sending him a word of sound advice. Don't say anything to Cele, please dear. 

             Another busy day. Maybe they are all going to be busy from now on. It looks that way for I have a million things to do tomorrow. Mr. B has not been out yet but he called me early Monday morning. I'm glad I was here as Mis K was out that morning. 

            I've been thinking all week of what you said about Ward and Gerry. Ethel once told me that Gerry was quite gone on Ward but I put it down to Ethel raving and never thought much about it. I'd like awfully to see him hang his pin but I do know something of his ideas on the subject. And I do think he is wise, if he feels he doesn't want to, not to give Gerry any reason to suspect how much he may care. I think it is mean to make love to a girl that one has no desire to be engaged to. And Ward will not hang his pin until he is sure of his own mind. And few fellows are at his age. I know he thinks a lot of her- he should- and I believe eventually she will know it- but I don't think it will be soon. 

          Ward has never gone with a great number girls- that makes a difference. One can't date a lot without forming an ideal- without knowing just what he wants in a sweetheart- and when he finds her, he recognizes her immediately.

           I once told Bricker that if I didn't find a girl before I left college- I never would. I knew definitely the girl I wanted for a sweetheart- the only thing necessary was to find her. And when I realized who it was, dear, I fell in love in an instant. I went into the choir loft one morning in love with my ideal, and came out in love with you- for you were my sweetheart. And all the time that has lapsed since has merely proved that I was not mistaken. 

            I love you, sweetheart, with my whole heart- because you are everything- because you are you.

                                                                   Yours always,


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