The Letters- March 31, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- March 31, 1927 from Bob to Jean


             Am glad you found a way to go to the Military Ball. It will be a long time before I forget last year's- my first date with Ethel. Was I thrilled? I should have been- all the wild tales she told me- poor thing. But don't forget to save the Prom for me- when is it? I've forgotten. 

            Jean, dear, you must got to feeling better or I'll have to bring you to Dubuque where I can take care of you. You rave about my eating- or rather not eating- but my tummy isn't acting up all the time. 

              Speaking of eating- I came back from Cedar Rapids with exactly $1.85. And I swore I'd never touch my savings. Tomorrow is pay day and I'm going to celebrate- yes sir, two malted milks at once. 

             Busy again today. Getting to be a habit. But I like it. 

             Please, sweetheart, see a doctor, or something- or you'll be sick again when I come. Even if you aren't, I want you to be well all the time- please, dear. Please. 

             I love you so, Jeannie, and I worry so about you- one of the joys of love I guess- worry. But do be careful and stay well. Promise?

                                         Forever 'n ever


 P.S. Don't eat any blue sherbet at the Beta stew.



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