the letters from Bob with the numbers starting from the day they began going steady (March 5, 1927)

The Letters- March 7, 1927 from Bob to Jean (IT HAPPENED THEY'RE ENGAGED!!)

FINALLY! Jean agrees to go marry Bob on March 5, 1927. He is ecstatic. All his letters now have a number in a heart in the corner from today forward counting the days. I am SMITTEN.



                 Was it all a wonderful dream or did I truly spend two glorious days in heaven? I've had to hold onto myself by the heels all day to keep from soaring off this workaday world. 

                  Oh, Jean, if you only knew how happy you've made me. And I'll try so hard to be worthy, sweetheart. Jean, darling, it is for always- and always and always. I hope you haven't made a mistake, dear,- I know I haven't. 

                 I wrote my folks today. And when I read the letter- well, you should have seen it. I mailed it anyway. What they'll get out of the incoherent mess is that I've gone completely off my nut and that one Jean was more or less mixed up in it. 

                 For some reason or other I have been unable to get this Jean out of my mind for one second. 

                  Forgive me if I rave, dear, I am a bit mad- but it's your fault. You're so utterly wonderful- so infinitely too good for poor me- where did I ever get crust enough to think you could care. And then to know that you do- who wouldn't be delirious with joy. 

                  I don't dare look ahead- or I'd lose what few wits I've managed to hang onto. Jean, dearest, sat it is true- that I haven't been dreaming. 

                  I promise, darling, that I'll do everything to make you happy- that I'll always love you- not as I do now- but more and more each hour. I'm sure of my mind, sweet- what there is left o f it. I am as sure as I am that the sun will rise tomorrow. Tell me, Jean, that you, too, are sure. 

                  The most wonderful thing in the world has happened to me, dearest, you have given me the most priceless gift that life contains. And I'll cherish it, and nourish, and guard it forever and a day. 

                  I love you, Jean, completely- without restriction- with all the power of my mind, my heart, my soul. You are my life, the center on which my world revolves. 

                 Jean, my sweetheart, love me always- I need you- I adore you. 

                                                     Yours till the end of the world.


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