Bob and Jean in later years

The Letters- March 8, 1927 from Bob to Jean (Letter 2 of Being Engaged)

"My Dear:

        Your sweet letter came this morning. I dreaded to open it for fear I would discover that it was all a dream after all. But it wasn't. 

          You had better come to realize it all before we tell anyone- or someone will ask you about it and you'll say "why no, where'd you ever get such an idea"

          I just know, sweetheart, that we're going to be wonderfully happy. I can't imagine anyone any happier than I am this minute. 

         And you didn't forget about the ring! I'm so glad. I didn't forget it either- tho when I see it turned around it startles me- it was the other way before. 

          Had a lovely letter from home this morning. Little did they dream when they wrote it, what was coming to them on the next mail. I'll tell you what they have to say, honey, and I know it will be all right with them. 

         Isn't this a glorious day. I feel like the lord of all creation. I just can't help pitying the poor souls I meet- for they don't even know you- much less love you. 

         Dear, aren't you glad we didn't wait? Aren't you, too, so happy that the thought of another year seems unbearable. 

         What a joke. I always thought of June 11 as a much more important date than March 5. But it is to laugh The significance of March 5 NOW fades June 11 to quite a pale pink on the calendar. Still, I can never forget the night it rained- and how tight you hung on- or how sweet you were when you laughed and said you didn't mind being drenched. 

          Dear, we have a wealth of things to look back on, haven't we? But somehow, when I try to look back my mind gets to March 5, 1927, and refuses to go farther. 

          What will your brother think of it all. Tell me, won't you? You know, I've never met him. 

          And what will Ethel Scott say. That should be interesting. I'll bet you anything that she'll come through with some catty remark or other. 

         Miss Seliger has just called me to a meeting. 

             I love you, Jean, truly. You know it, don't you? And you- you care too? 

                                                   Yours always, 



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