The Letters- May 2, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- May 2, 1927 from Bob to Jean


           So sorry you were lonesome yesterday. I wish you could have been with us- we drove over into Wisconsin to the Sinnippi Point- 300 feet straight up from the river. It was glorious, the weather was ideal and everything seemed so fresh and alive. Then we drove all around through the country- gathered huge bunches of violets and enjoyed the scenery. 

           I had lunch with the Coopers- then we listened to the radio concert and played bridge. 

          If only you could have been here, everything would have been perfect. I missed you dreadfully- and I know you would have enjoyed it. 

          I had a letter from you and Herschel and my folks today. Not bad. 

          Since I did not work Saturday night I am going down tonight. I'll take in a movie to kill time till ten, for it is the night farce I want to see. 

          Movies in this town don't start until seven. Can you beat it?

          Mother was interested in you in the snapshot but thot' it was horrid of me. I think the cigarette prejudiced her. She knows I smoke but hates to admit it. 

          The Coopers are talking of driving to C.R. some weekend soon. I don't think it will be this week, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were the week after. 

          I hope I never see another telephone directory as long as I live. They mean so much work and grief. People act as if every little error was made on purpose. 

         Billy Gage is a clipper. Karban used to walk out there and sure coudl tell some wild tales about that youngster. His folks were dining out one night and he didn't want them to go so he locked their dress clothes in the bathroom and hid the key. Then, of course, he forgot where he hid it. Karban had to scale the porch and crawl in through the window. 

            And once, before you were in school, Prexy related this one. Billy's cat died and his daddy told him it had gone to heaven. But after a week of two, he dug it out and remarked "Daddy said it went to heaven, but it looks like hell."

            I so wish I could have stayed over and had yesterday with you. But we'll have a Sunday before too long. 

          Bye, bye, honey. Your Bobby loves you. 



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