The Letters- May 5, 1927 from Bob to Jean

The Letters- May 5, 1927 from Bob to Jean


         Your letter was short- mine will be shorter. I'm writing at noon- my only available time. I have to conduct four employee's meetings this afternoon and evening and three in the morning and I haven't my material organized. The company is opening a campaign for the sale of additional services- and I've got to sell the idea to ninety four operators. Woe is me. 

          This is such a beautiful day- I've been betting it's flunk day. Last year it was the fourth. 

           I came dashing home this noon and found no mail. I stood. talking to the Coopers and remarked I had no letter this morning. Mrs. Cooper said "Why, you had two." She hunted high and low and finally found them in the waste basket. Pretty good, huh?

          Thank-you, sweetheart, for the happiness you wished me. You have already given me all the happiness any man could ask for- infinitely more than I deserve. And I hope, if this is flunk day, that you got my letter before you left. I wanted you to have it on the fifth.

           My folks are also planning for my vacation, tho. I have told them I was coming to C.R. I have an idea that they will go to Manchester at that time so I can see you and them too. 

           Sweetheart, I Have not a single regret for March 5- except that I am afraid you are bestowing your favor on a very unworthy subject.

          But I love you, dearest, from the bottom of my heart.

                                          Yours always


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