The Letters- November 19, 1926 From Jean to Bob

The Letters- November 19, 1926 From Jean to Bob

"Dearest Bob:

                  If you can't read this please don't blame me I have adapted your method of writing on a magazine. 

                  I have been so terribly busy this week. I have sewed every afternoon this week. Our dresses have to be done by Monday and because we lost so many class hours we have to make it up outside to-day. I was there from eleven until four. Then I came home and washed my hair- now I feel like a wreck. 

                 Nothing unusual has happened this week only that I made 90 in Zoology test to-day. 

                 I think it was lovely of your mother to send you your meals. We often do that for Fred. 

                 Isn't this snow wonderful? Of course if you have to work outside you won't think so- nor would I. I wish we could go coasting. 

                 C__ and B___ are going to the Majestic to-night. Mr. M asked me to go, but I have another date. I am going with him to the AAA fraternity dinner Sunday night!

                What all have you been doing this week, dear?

                CH's marriage to Mr C was announced yesterday. They were married last January. Do you know her? 

                 You won't know me when you come home. I weigh 108 1/2 lbs- isn't that great- and Ethel weighs 115 1/2. We always weight ourselves in P.T. 

                 I am anxious to see our team play in the Arrow to-morrow. 

                 Well I must go now, dear, my date is waiting on you and me.

                                          Be a good boy

                                                   Your Sweetheart,


P.S. Sure I wish it was the 11th to-morrow.

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