The Letters- November 24 1926, From Bob to Jean

The Letters- November 24 1926, From Bob to Jean


           Your letter came this afternoon. I think it was the sweetest one I have received so far. I love the way you refer to my visits as coming "home", because that is the way I feel about them- and I want you to feel "Home is where the heart is". 

           I'm glad you have seen the A.D.A. house inside. It is rather gloomy looking outside but I have always thought it "homey" within. The telephone has always been an exasperation but we can't agree on any other place for it. There is no cubby that would do. B__ W used to make us all so mad- he didn't board at the house and would come in while were at table and call some girl. He would make some rather bold remarks in turn and grin as if he were entertaining us, we put a stop to it. 

            I am accepting the office to which I was elected- temporarily. I may resign later. There was an awful mess of politics in the election and I'll hold it till matters straighten out anyway. 

           Mrs B the chief operator had T__ and V__ and I out to a waffle supper tonight. We had a dandy time. The conversation was quite thrilling. We got to telling about accidents and near accidents we'd been in and from that driften to murders and suicides that had provided thrills in our young lives and various small towns. 

           Mr D, the division superintendent, was out to see me yesterday and invited me to dinner tomorrow, wasn't that kind? V___'s sister is coming to Des Moines to-morrow so T__ and V are spending the day there. I am going to meet them in the evening and we're going to a dance at the Cotillion. So Thanksgiving day won't be as lonesome as I had feared. I wish I could spend it with you.

           Just think, dearest, two weeks from Saturday I'll be in Cedar Rapids- home! It has been a long wait- and a lonesome one for me. And this time, dear heart, won't you say something besides "maybe"- that the next wait may be less lonesome? Won't you at least say "I love you?" Do you, Jean, or have I guessed too much??

                                                    With all my love, 




"Dearest Bob:

           I was so glad to receive your lovely letter this morning. 

           I think it was lovely of Mrs D to invite you to dinner- I am so glad you weren't alone. We had a wonderful time. My Aunt Jean and Fred are here. 

           I hope you'll find that you can continue in your office after you get started. 

           Last night I saw "So's Your Old Man" it truly is clever. To-night I am going to the DeMalay dance. I hope, dear, that you enjoyed the dance Thursday night- is she an AEA too? 

           This has been such a terribly cold day I hope you didn't have to work outside. Did Mr D say anything about sending you to Des Moines?

           Fred brought me four good records to-day, I know you'll like them. 

          December 4 is the Panhellenic Dance and I am anxious to have you come for it- and December 11 is our anniversary and I am anxious to have you then- I wish you could come for both but if you can't I am going to leave it up to you- so take your choice, dear. 

          Bye-Bye Bobby

                                                   Your Sweetheart,


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