The Letters- November 27 1926 from Bob to Jean, Nov 30 from Jean to Bob

The Letters- November 27 1926 from Bob to Jean, Nov 30 from Jean to Bob

Nov 27th

"Dear Jean:

           Your letter came today and surprised me. I hardly expected it because I was not sure when you would get mine. 

           I think I'll come the eleventh as I had planned- it's impossible to come on two weekends. I've several reasons for that date. First because it is our anniversary- and I had planned on that ever since I left- our sixth and the day after your birthday. Then there is a national fraternity meeting the fourth and fifth and if I came I would have to spend most of my time there and that is not what I come to Cedar Rapids for. I had hoped to be able to come Friday night for the Interfraternity Dance but my time table tells me I could not get in before nine-twenty Friday night- and that is rather late. I can't take too much time off or I could get in earlier. I wish it were a Saturday night dance. 

           I did enjoy Thanksgiving. The D__s are wonderful people and she is a wonderful cook. The dinner was wonderful. I was disappointed in the dance. Everyone raves about the Cotillion- I expected something wonderful. It is about the size of Dreamland- and looks like the Auditorium. Imagine that. However, the music was good and H___ is a wonderful dancer (everything seems to be WONDERFUL tonight- but I'm tired and half asleep and can't think).

           We've worked outside every day this week and I don't believe I've been warm since Monday. About the time I get rid of the chill it's time to get up and at it again. And from what Mr D said I'll be here another three or four weeks. 

          I hope you have a good time at the Panhellenic- I'd love to come but maybe you'll think of me anyway. But I've planned so long on the following weekend- ever since I found that the tenth was your birthday. I've a problem in arithmetic I'd like you to work- add December tenth (your birthday) and December eleventh (our sixth anniversary) and what do you get? I can't make it add anything but "sometime". Tell me- isn't that the answer? Please, sweetheart, I love you so much- surely that is the lucky weekend. I've hoped so long dear, can't it be???

          Good night, dear Jean, I'll write more tomorrow. I love you. 


         Another blue day. B___, the lineman with who I trail around usually has gone to Des Moines, and T__ and V___ have gone somewhere.

         So I'm going to have an orgy of letter writing. I don't know just whom I'll write to, but I owe plenty. 

        I wish you were here- we'd go into Des Moines and have a big day. There are some good shows this week. 

        Remind me when I come to tell you something H____ said about you- about us. Now fore Heaven's sake don't ask him. I'll tell you- and I won't forget what it was. Did you ever remember the joke on him? 

        V___ was looking at your picture on my watch. What did she say? Her only remark was "No wonder you're so crazy to get back to Cedar Rapids!"

       Speaking of pictures- what ever has become of the one I won on a bet. Don't say you've forgotten it. Dearest, if you only knew how much I want a good picture of you- something more than a snapshot. Were your Acorn pictures good? 

         I love you so, sweetheart, and the hours drag so long when I'm looking forward to coming home. 

                                                       Always your Bob"

Nov 30th

"Dearest Bob, 

          Truly sorry you can't be here the fourth but I am glad as l ong we can't have both week ends, that you chose the eleventh- our anniversary. Dearest, I want you to come on the tenth and if you can't get off Friday afternoon 9:20 will give us an hour and a half- won't that be good Bobby- you will come won't you dear? 

         I enjoyed both your letters- the only thing is to mail the one you write on Saturday and I'll get it Monday and. then your Sunday letter will come Tuesday- that will suit me fine. 

         At sorority meeting this afternoon I had Miss N wished upon me for the eighth dance- I hope you'll think of me. 

         E___ is quite the happy one these days, H___ is home. He came Saturday night due to the serious illness of his mother. He is coming back here to-morrow. 

        LD went to the Army-Navy Ball- pretty good for her- also Coe- what say you? 

        M__ H asked me to-day if you were going home for Christmas- she wants to know. I ask you what the big idea is- I am all excited. 

        M___ M___ and G__ L____ and P__ M___ and I went to Dreamland last Saturday night. There were just loads of people there- stags and more stags. I was almost killed in the rush- my instep is terribly bruised. 

        I hope this week they will leave you inside- I think it's terrible of them to have you out in such cold weather. 

        The Girls Isle Club sang for us this A.M. we have decided that after a course in "baby talks" anyone can make it. 

        I can hardly wait to hear what H___ said- however, I saw him after Vespers and didn't ask him, smarty! 

        Dear Bobby- I must confess, I don't remember making a bet on a picture. My Acorn pictures are punk as usual. 

        Well I must begin on my lessons- you sure have it over me there.

         Only nine more whole days- may they go quickly. 

                                                       Your Sweetheart,


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