The Letters- November 3, 1926 from Jean to Bob (finally!)

The Letters- November 3, 1926 from Jean to Bob (finally!)


            I loved both of your letters- especially the one I got to-day. 

            My dear Mother and Daddy came home last night. I am truly glad to have them home again- it feels so good to come home and have someone here to talk and laugh with. I was terribly lonesome Monday- no one here- and no letter from you.

           I think it is lovely that your daddy is now in Rock Valley. I am sure your mother is pleased. 

           I am so anxious to see a polo game. Mother and Daddy went several weeks ago- but I had to go to Vespers. 

           Everything went fine at school to-day, except for an old harried "80" that I made in zoology. A week from Friday mid-semester grades are out. Mine had better be good or I'll have to have a little tete-a-tete with Pater. 

            You asked me if I knew what day the eleventh of June came on- I don't know, but I hope it is Saturday. If you can come I'll save that night for you. 

            I agree with you about B__ and H___- if he had really cared he wouldn't have acted as he did. 

           Thanks kindly for the T.L. dear Bobby. 

           I am so afraid you will be ill if you don't eat the proper food. You tell Mrs. L___ she just must give you your meals. 

           I must hurry- Mother is waiting for me to help wit the evening meal. 

           Dear little boy, you asked me to tell you why I always said "maybe". It's for reasons of my own, dear, and I'll tell you the next time you come- if you want me to. 

           I must go so bye-bye dearest-

                                                Sincerely your sweetheart, 


P.S. Excuse me for using this envelope but the postman and whole town can read through the ones that match this stationery. 

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